ABOUT USWe love animals

We take in unwanted dogs, and at risk puppies and kittens, placing them with foster families who lovingly care for them ready for adoption. We work with maximum care and attention with a small number of animals at a time.

WHAT WE STAND FORWe are invested in making an incredible place

🐢❀️ Along with many good hearts, this association was founded to change the destinies of many animals in serious situations to imagine, abused animals, seriously ill or homeless! We started volunteers 4 years ago and continue this year with the next level being THE VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS 🌸

πŸ¦‹ We asks you to extend a helping hand as a small hope in the universe of saving animals in this county! Hand by hand things go faster and problems go quickly solutionated with less stress and more facts solved about animal cases! CHOOSE TO BE THE VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS , be with us !

We aim to establish an adoption center thus creating a shelter for animals in difficult situations being abandoned or subsequently discharged from the specialty clinic after treatment; and the establishment of a free sterilization center in (Slobozia) Ialomita County – Romania! We also help and rescue dogs from the 4 kill shelters where dogs live in bad conditions, we gibe them another chabces by rescue, rehome πŸ™πŸΎ.


Staff learn proper handling, signs, and symptoms of illness, dog expressions, and body language.


Snacks are available throughout the day and fresh water is constantly available.


You can donate regularly or as often as you can. All donations will provide vital veterinary care and food for the pets in our care.


The Voice for the Voiceless
True Pet Lovers

We appreciate the support from those who are looking to open up their home to a shelter pet.

With The Voice For The Voiceless, you’re working to save the lives of cats and dogs all-across Romania, giving pets second chances and happy homes.

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CUI: 43616544, Sediul social: Slobozia, Aleea Parcului, nr. 8, Bl. B1-34, Sc. C, ap. 34
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